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The Noorani Foundation

The Noorani Foundation is a registered with Government of Punjab as a Trust under the legal title of The Noorani Foundation Trust with the acronym TNF. The Board of Trustees includes:

TNF was established in 2019 by former Federal Secretary Mr. Tasneem Noorani.

After leading the development of Sargodhian Spirit Trust (SST) alongside fellow graduates from PAF Public School Sargodha for almost a decade, Mr. Noorani set up TNF in pursuit of providing  boarding school education at a minimum cost for the poor.



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Step Forward

Become a Volunteer

Activities Within The Campus

The volunteer can live on campus and assist the school management and assist the school management in organizing the school activities such as sports and any activity which is aligned with the skillset of the volunteer.

Teaching Services

English is a weak area in our rural environment.
Similarly, computer skills are something that a volunteer can add value to the students.
TNF would welcome these services in any other subject of mutual interest.


Regular, sustained funds are the lifeline of any such initiative. Help in Fundraising in any form known in the Pakistani Non-Profit Organization sector is welcomed. In addition, new ideas on fundraising and similar revenue gaining initiatives will be fruitful.

Campus Ambassadors

Introducing the philosophy and model of TNF to young people on campuses is essential for sustenance of the initiative. Any work by a volunteer on their campus to introduce TNF and to seek support in any form will add value.

Sports Training

Sports is an integral part of the philosophy of the TNF model. Daily sports is a compulsory part of the student’s schedule. Any addition in value in Improving the skills of students or introducing them to new concepts in sports would be of great benefit.

Friends of TNF

The Long-Term success of an initiative success is dependent upon an enthused member of the civil society, who wants to have a channel to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. Anyone who can devote time, energy and his talent to help TNF achieve its objectives is welcomed.

Mission Vision

Mission Statement

Our vision and mission is to set up residential schools all over rural Pakistan; to impart quality education to the poor. Education that is not only academic but also provide an environment  conducive to building character and values in the students required to build a progressive and robust Pakistan.

Board of Trustees

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