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Tasneem Noorani

Mr. Tasneem Noorani is a prominent member of the civil society in Pakistan. Subsequent to his retirement fifteen years back, after serving the GOP in various high profile positions for thirty seven year, he is now into consulting.

Mr. Noorani held the post of Secretary Interior, the highest level civil servant on policy making on security of the country, in the Govt. of Pakistan ,from 2001 to 2004. He was subsequently made the Secretary of Commerce, which is the highest policy framer and implementer of all trade related matters, both national and international, of the Govt. of Pakistan.

Noorani writes for DAWN and THE NEWS on national issues and is often invited by national TV Channels as an expert on government and administrative issues, with special reference to his experience in govt. on security issues and trade and commerce related matters.

Mr. Noorani has an extended hands on experience, as his CV, which is attached, will indicate. He is also one of the most well regarded and respected former civil servant in the country currently, on account of his conduct and reputation during his years in Government and his contribution during service.

He has shown great passion to work for the uplift of education in the country since his days as Secretary of Education in the Govt. of Punjab. Mr. Noorani was Chairman of a Trust (Sargodhian Spirit Trust), which has set up a Rs.400 million cadet college in the interior of Sind (Tando Allah Yar) to give quality education to boys of depressed areas of the country . This project, by providing the best education available in the country, will hopefully provide educated leadership to people from depressed areas like interior Sind, Tribal Areas, Northern Areas etc. He is currently Chairman of The Noorani Foundation,a Trust set up in collaboration with Akhuwat to set up boarding schools for the poor ,to provide them a wholesome enviorment to give them tools to lift themselves out of poverty.

Mr. Noorani was decorated for bravery in his younger days in the 1971 war, as Asstt. Commissioner ,Shakargargh a frontline sub division/district He has also been elected Chairman of Lahore Gymkhana Club twice.

The postings held by him are as under . More information and access to his articles can be had by googling for “tasneem noorani.”